Sunday, September 02, 2007

3,000 crimes committed by children

Under Labour crime is not just for adults anymore. It is for children too young to be punished. 3,000 crimes are committed by those under the age of criminal responsibility and the police can’t do anything about it.

According to statistics released by 32 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales, children aged under 10 were thought to be responsible for 66 sexual offences, including indecent assaults on other children aged under 13.

In total, the forces recorded 2,840 crimes where the suspect was under 10. Nearly half, around 1,300, were incidents of criminal damage and arson.

Children were also suspected of harassment, wounding and burglary.

If I had my way at the very least those children would be spanked and their parents fined for being crap parents. It’s not all bad though. If the police catch them in the act they can use tasers on them so there is a silver lining.

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