Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Police committing crime

You know crime is out of control when even police are encouraged to get in on the action. In Worcester, if you don’t lock up your bike up the police have been told that they can take it without telling you. This is effectively stealing and who are you going to phone if someone has stolen your bike? If the police can break the law why can’t we?

It’s also legal for the police to hit you with their car and then fine you for denting the police car. How nice of them. Maybe it’s now ok for you to punch them in the face and get them arrested for assault when your knuckles come back slightly bruised.

I don’t know how the police have the cheek to do this sort of thing to law abiding people but things need to change and the police have got to stop thinking they are our superiors.


alanorei said...

Re: police nicking stuff.

It isn't so new. Many accounts exist (even if mostly in the US) of police being 'on the take.' It was how Al Capone controlled Chicago in the 1920s.

That said, I was acquainted with a police officer in Melbourne, Australia, in the 1970s. He recalled attending an incident where an electrical goods store had been broken into. The thieves had gone (maybe a burglar alarm scared them off) but two police officers who'd got there first were helping themselves to various store items.

The really sad thing is that if my friend had reported the other two, he'd have had the majority of his colleagues against him for 'snitching' on his mates.

All societies obey the law of human collapse, unfortunately.

Evolution in reverse.

youdontknowme said...

It's sad that we can't really do anything to stop criminal cops

Bag said...

They are are superiors now.

They have been commiting crimes against us for a while now. Stealing is only part of it. Murder, assault, harrassment.... all without any repercusions besides a couple of notes in a folder.