Tuesday, September 04, 2007

News roundup 33

Racism fears as city school opens for black pupils only. This is an example of the pressures put on schools by mass immigration

Escaped triple killer ‘commits suicide’. Why was he only in jail for 13 years when he was given 3 life sentences?

Student who put feet on seat escapes conviction. Sanity at last.

Brown threatens to veto treaty if EU partners renege on ‘red lines’. Why not just give us a referendum?

Labour’s answer to school discipline: Teach lessons in ‘happiness and emotional wellbeing’. This is stupid and it’s also something I blogged about a few months ago.

Government in warning to SNP on oil. Just let them have the oil. It’s in Scottish waters.

Junior doctors’ pay ‘short by £500 a month’. Is it any wonder our own doctors go abroad when they are treated so poorly?

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