Friday, August 10, 2007

Labour silencing opposition

Now that the postal workers have been silenced the government is now focusing on silencing the military. The government have banned service personnel from speaking publicly about their service. Soldiers, sailors and airforce personnel will not be able to blog, take part in surveys, speak in public, post on bulletin boards, play in multi-player computer games or send text messages or photographs without the permission of a superior if the information they use concerns matters of defence.

No doubt this is to stop people finding out how bad this government treats people in the army. In the future we may not be able to find out such things like the fact that one in five soldiers are mentally distressed or that we could be in Afghanistan for another 38 years.

Whatever it is the government don’t want you to know about in. Gordon Brown hates any opposition and will do anything to keep any criticism silent. If he was actually doing his job right he wouldn’t need to make this order.


Dave Lucas said...

I've also posted about the British ban on soldier's texting and the like. It could well be an issue of security: you wouldn't want to compromise military work by messages an enemy might intercept...

BFB said...

Any service personel who wish to expose the disgraceful way they are treated by this anti-British, Marxist shower of pig-s**t, only need to contact a non-milatary blogger, such as myself and ydkme, and we will blog on their behalf.

Problem solved!

BFB said...

"military', not "milatary".