Saturday, August 25, 2007

Justice is a joke

After defending passengers from a drunken yob, ex rail guard Paul Yarwood, has now lost his job, could lose his house and has been charged with threatening behaviour and is due in court in December. You would think that rail guards who actually stick up for passengers would be applauded especially considering assaults on rail staff have risen 8% to 3000 cases a year.

Yobs are winning our streets because the government no longer sees fit to punish criminals who make communities hell. Lord Sudbury thought he would make a citizens arrest after a yob launched a foul mouthed rant and then threw his bike at the peer.

Like any normal person Lord Sudbury was pretty angry and chased the boy down and waited for the police to arrive who reprimanded the peer and then they had the cheek to later make a statement saying "Members of the public should always have a regard for their own personal safety and our advice is to call the police immediately."

That would be a good idea if the police actually arrived or did anything useful. Why didn’t the police come when a man cradled is thug battered son? Why did they have the cheek to tell the dad to write to his MP instead of calling the police? Just what are the police for? I am sure if the attack was racial they would have rushed to the scene. Infact judging by this story I am correct. There have only been 3 racial attacks in the area but the police have decided to increase patrols there. If these were just simple muggings I doubt they would step up patrols.

Infact rather than arresting people for serious criminal behaviour the police seem to be focusing on solving stupid crimes like prosecuting a 12 year old for throwing a cocktail sausage.

Why are police and the courts going after stupid targets rather than going after people that actually deserve prison? Why was Michael Porter, a Jehovah’s Witness given a community sentence instead of prison time for sexually assaulting children as young as 18 months? What type of sick judge would let him off so easily?

Stuart Brown is a doctor who savagely hit his wife more than 24 times. He earns £100,000 per year so the judge didn’t even send him to prison. He was just fined £500. Tell me, how is that a deterrent not to do it again? The judge should be ashamed of himself.

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