Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gordon Brown: silencing opposition

Gordon Brown enjoys silencing any opposition to what he does. First he silenced the postal workers over post office closures by bribing and blackmailing all employees. Gordon Brown then silenced the military over appalling treatment that they receive.

Yesterday I blogged that the government is going to abduct a child and stop the media reporting what is happening.

Today they are trying to silence the junior doctors and the dissidents in the Labour party who want to have a debate.

When it comes to the junior doctors the government is threatening them with disciplinary action if they take better jobs than they were offered at first. When they don’t take the better offers the government will probably say that all doctors got the positions they wanted. We know different though.

Meanwhile in the Labour party the membership are going to be stripped of their right to put forward emergency motions to the party conference so that the party don’t have to debate any of the damaging policies that Labour have inflicted upon this country.

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