Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Criminals should be humiliated

They glory in violence, earn the respect of their peers by shooting people and their favourite method of transport is a bicycle.

The urban warfare wrecking the neighbouring Croxteth and Norris Green estates in Liverpool, and which could be behind the murder of Rhys Jones, is all about "respect".

Children as young as 12 sign up, revelling in the misery they spread, thinking nothing of the lives they ruin.

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The only way to stop this type of thing is to make scum like these lose any respect that they have gained from crime. John Barnes has an excellent suggestion here. The people that make communities hell should be humiliated at every opportunity. They should be birched and placed in the stocks for people to throw rotten fruit at them while they were girls’ clothes. This should be video taped and placed on the internet. Maybe DVD copies could even be sent to those living close to where they live.

Once people know that they are going to lose what respect anyone had for them they won’t try and gain respect by terrorising neighbourhoods or shooting anyone. Those days will be over if they are humiliated into stopping.

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