Friday, August 17, 2007

We need a separation of powers for education

The A level pass rate has reached an all time high with more than 96% of people passing. Are we actually surprised at this and if you are why are you surprised? One of the reasons we elect the government is to give children a good education. One of the ways to show that they have given children a good education is by children getting good grades.

If they get your children good grades then you think that they have done a good job and you will elect them again. They don’t exactly have an incentive not to dumb down education do they?

Most politicians have never worked in the education sector yet we think that they know what to do to make children have the best education. Why is this? Would we let a plumber give us open heart surgery when they have zero experience?

The way to change this is simple. Take away the government’s power to govern education and place it in the hands of education commissioners elected for each county who will control education in their county. These commissioners will have to have worked in the education system for about 5 years before they can stand for the education commission.

The commissioners will not control exams. This will be done by a third party, maybe the government or maybe the exam boards.

If the government doesn’t control the education system then they have no incentive to dumb it down. Eventually the education commission could be given more power. Maybe give them authority over adult learning to get people back into work.

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