Friday, August 17, 2007

Warden arrested after he confiscates bicycle

warden has been beaten up and arrested after his attempts to control antisocial behaviour in Great Hollands.

The warden for the Wooden Hill recreation ground aims to prevent disorder breaking out and frequently encounters rowdy teenagers disturbing other visitors.

The situation reached breaking point on Wednesday last week when one teenager was caught urinating into the paddling pool. The warden confiscated his bicycle and said his parents could come and collect it.

But when police were informed they arrested the warden on suspicion of theft.

This came less than two weeks after the warden called police saying he had been assaulted and racially abused by youngsters.

Why are the law abiding public arrested while the scum of the earth are allowed to walk the streets committing crimes whenever they feel like it? It’s about time these thugs were arrested and the park warden given an award.

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