Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gun control doesn't work

We seem to be getting a lot of good things from Eastern Europe. Lots of immigrants, crime, lack of jobs and now we finally know where the guns on our streets are coming from. The guns are coming from Eastern Europe. Is there anything they won’t do for us? These guns are then sold for as little as £50.

This is what gun control does! This country has some of the toughest anti gun laws in the world but firearm use has still risen steadily. Even in countries where there is a lack of gun crime guns aren’t sold to teenagers but in this country Under 18s commit most gun crime which means that the minimum sentence of 5 years that they are supposed to get doesn’t apply. Can you believe that only 20% actually get the minimum sentence because most are under 18 years old? As far as I am concerned if you are old enough to shoot someone you are old enough to be treated like an adult.

Of course liberals don’t like to be told the truth, that gun crime doesn’t work, that their disastrous liberal crime policies have failed and that they have totally destroyed this country. This is why the government is covering up the scale of gun crime. The Home Secretary has said gun crimes has fallen but the truth is that since 1998 gun crime has risen by 400%. When are liberals going to understand that their policies have been an utter failure and when are they going to understand that criminals are laughing at them? The law abiding public should be armed and should have the right to shoot anyone that illegally enters the place they live. Only when criminals fear the punishment will the war on crime be won.

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