Monday, August 13, 2007

Town pays £1.5 million for luxury flats for asylum seekers

A TOWN is splashing out
£1.5 MILLION a year to furnish plush flats for asylum seekers, the News of the World can reveal.

More than £3,000 a year is spent kitting out each of about 500 flats for newly arrived immigrants — despite severe poverty in the area.

Taxpayers' cash is spent on swanky beds, carpets, fridge-freezers, cookers, microwaves and even ASH TRAYS.

The makeovers are part of a scheme to improve living conditions for asylum seekers in Rochdale, Lancs.

What about improving living conditions for people who have worked and paid taxes all their lives? What have these people done to deserve better treatment than the people who are paying for this?

It’s about time taxpayers were given the treatment that they pay for.

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