Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red Ken starts brown nosing

When Red Ken cried over slavery a few days ago it wasn’t because the service made him cry. It was because he was trying to get the ethnic minority vote in the run up to the London Mayoral elections.

He now thinks he has the black vote in the bag so he is now trying to get the Poles to vote for him. In a sickening display of brown nosing to get the Polish vote he put on a party for the Polish community with Polish food. He also had a talk with representatives from the Polish media in London.

The brown nosing seems to have paid off after he said "This year in Trafalgar Square we're celebrating the Indian culture. In a few years' time, I can see a Polish festival in Trafalgar Square. I am sure that thousands of Londoners would go to experience Polish culture, music, film and cuisine."

Red Ken is selling native Londoners out just to cling on to power. His only loyalty is to himself. He cannot and should not ever be trusted.

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