Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yobs are in control

Mindless yobbery is making this country into a disaster and the police won’t do anything because the government have completely destroyed any authority that they once had.

In this country we now have gangs of youths who think that they can do anything and they will get away with it. In today’s liberal society they are right. They will get away with it. If you attack an ambulance that is in the middle of saving a life it won’t matter. You will get away with it.

If you stand up to these thugs who make communities hell you will regret it. You will be beat up just for asking grown adults to turn the music down in the early hours of the morning even if you are an elderly pension whose wife has just died.

If you have the cheek to confront yobs for throwing litter into the car you own you have a very good chance of being murdered.

These are all examples of how the government have completely lost control of this country. The policies that they have used have only made crime worse. Labour is not fit to govern this country.


alanorei said...


Evren Anil was Turkish, he wasn't a white victim and he may even have been a Muslim. But he certainly wasn't black.

Yet his assailants were black.

So in spite of everything (i.e. a non-white but non-black and possibly even a Muslim victim), this is not considered a race crime.

What do you suppose would have happened if his assailants had been white?

Remember the Anthony Walker case.

youdontknowme said...

They would have probably been arrested by now and charged for a race crime if they were white.