Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MI5 need more women

It seems that terrorism isn’t the biggest problem that keeps MI5 operatives awake at night. There is a far bigger problem. There is a shortage of women in MI5 that they are trying to reverse or it could be the end of Britain as we know it.

Who’d of thought that they couldn’t attract women especially when they get generous job benefits which are even better than what the men receive.

Women who have been in MI5 for at least a year are entitled to six months maternity leave on full pay. As well as a further six months - half on statutory maternity pay, half on additional unpaid maternity leave - women in MI5 can have another year on unpaid special leave, making two years in total. Fathers get two weeks paternity leave on full pay.

With all that I would have thought that they would have had a shortage of men seeing as they are obviously being discriminated again. Why exactly do women get two years off while men get two weeks? Well that’s put me right off joining…

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