Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Foreigners commit 20% of London crimes

More than one in five crimes committed in
London in the first six months of this year were carried out by a foreign citizen, new police figures have revealed.

During the period there were 22,793 crimes in the capital for which a foreign national has been charged.

More than a quarter were violent offences, ranging from murder to assault. There were also nearly 6,000 drug offences, 414 sex crimes, 522 robberies and almost 1,000 burglaries.

The highest number of offences were carried out by Poles, charged with 2,310 crimes between the start of January and the end of June.

Jamaicans, Irish nationals, Somalians and Romanians - accused of more than 1,000 crimes - had the next worst levels of offending.

Among the Poles, 583 were charged with violent crimes, 32 with sex offences, 201 with burglary, 635 with theft or handling and 626 with drug offences.

Drug crime accounted for around half the Italian and French totals, while the Irish were responsible for the highest level of burglary with 403 recorded offences.

The main crime committed by Romanians, whose working rights in the UK are severely restricted, was theft or handling with 695 such offences.

Among non-EU citizens, Jamaicans have the highest level of offending with 1,750 crimes during the six month period covered by the figures.

Of these, 770 were drug offences, while there were also 425 violent crimes, 28 sex offences and 42 robberies by Jamaican passport holders.

The worst fraud total was recorded by Nigerians, with 275 crimes, while Somalian nationals were also among the most frequent offenders.

If we didn’t have large scale immigration there wouldn’t be so much crime in this country and if we weren’t in the EU we wouldn’t have the problem of the Poles. The government won’t do anything about these problems. They are mad not to. The only party that is even considering doing anything about it is the BNP and they are constantly vilified for having common sense policies.


Hawthorne said...

Little surprise that something like 200,000 Britons permanently emigrate for Spain or Germany or some mountain chalet in Switzerland every year. (I'm planning on joining them, already have a German phrase book and a flat in Hamburg getting subletted out.) How can any sane person stomach this mess in the UK any longer?

What fool in Downing Street decided that inundating us with 350,000 Poles was a good idea? Almost 2,500 crimes by the Poles in just London, in less than half a year, most of them violent, rapes, molestation, robbery and burglary? Well, I guess we really are getting "diversity" in the form of the great variety of crime and criminals that we're getting.

The UK needs to place a tough restriction on EU immigration to Britain, no more than about 2,000 a year especially from countries like Poland and Romania, while deporting at least 300,000 of the Poles who are sucking us dry. This is ridiculous.

youdontknowme said...

If I go to uni I might be joining them too. You get to spend a year in a foreign country and I am planning to go to Switzerland. If we go deeper into the EU I am planning to stay there. It has all that I am looking for including the best democracy in the world.