Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Government caught lying

The number of failed asylum-seekers deported by the Government has fallen by more than a quarter during the last year, it was disclosed today.

New Home Office figures show that the number of would-be refugees who had been refused leave to remain fell by six per cent between the first and second quarters of this year - and a further 28 per cent compared to the same period last year.

The Government admitted the slowdown, but claimed that it was because the Home Office was attempting to concentrate on deporting foreign criminals instead.

What the government claim is a lie. It was almost a year ago when they decided that they decided the foreign prisoners were no longer a priority. Even if they weren’t lying they haven’t even deported 300 at the last count. Are we supposed to believe that these foreign prisoners who they can’t find or deport are responsible for the government not being able to deport asylum seekers? They are either lying, inept or both.

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Bag said...

And you think this is news.

What would be news is 'Government tells the truth'.

That would make front page allover the world.