Saturday, July 28, 2007

787 foreign criminals still on the run

More than three-quarters of the convicts involved in the foreign prisoner scandal are still at large in
Britain, official figures reveal.

The group - who include sex attackers and violent thugs - should have been automatically considered for deportation on release from prison.

Instead, they were allowed to walk free after a series of Home Office blunders.

Figures released to MPs reveal that just 226 of the 1,013 criminals mistakenly freed in the scandal have been removed from the country.

This isn’t really surprising. When John Reid was Home Secretary he said he would move heaven and earth to find them but in September 2006 the story had died down a bit and suddenly the hunt had been disbanded and was no longer a ‘priority’. The fact is they haven’t been trying to locate these criminals. They have just allowed them out onto an unsuspecting public.

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alanorei said...

Don't forget that nulab needs all the votes it can get and gaoled or deported crims can't vote.

I'm surprised they have rounded up as many as they have.