Friday, July 27, 2007

Nick Griffin wins

Nick Griffin has won the leadership election for the BNP. He won with a giant landslide of 91% of the vote. While I did think Nick would win I am surprised that Chris Jackson only received 9% of the vote. I thought he would win 20%, possibly as high as 25%.

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alanorei said...

In a way, I'm not surprised - only that the challenger got as much as 9% - I guess mainly from his cronies.

I think Nick has done a lot to enhance his credibility as leader in the last year or so. The challenger is virtually unknown on the national scene.

The relatively low turnout, 43%, is also a point in Nick's favour, I think. Over half the membership regarded the issue, rightly, as a proverbial storm in a teacup.

The whole thing seemed to me therefore to be a pointless exercise, especially at this time and got underway more as a grudge match on the part of the contender than anything else.

I hope now that he does the decent thing and either publicly pledges full support for the Party leadership as is or takes himself and his colleagues off to form another party.