Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Government reject new medal for Afghanistan vets

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have shown the heroism of our armed forces and the length that our soldiers will go to so that they can help out their comrades. Army captain David Hicks continued fighting a Taliban attack despite suffering agonising injuries that would later kill him. He showed true heroism, refusing to abandon his men and doing his best to keep them alive.

There have been calls for a new medal to recognise the heroism of British troops in the Afghan warzone. The government have rejected this which is probably a kick in the teeth to many who are fighting for their lives in Afghanistan. This can’t be good for morale which is already low. The government won’t even do the little things that might improve morale. Some think that families of soldiers shouldn’t have to pay to send food parcels to troops and I think they are right. This might improve their morale but they would have to stop losing the food parcels first.

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