Wednesday, August 15, 2007

News roundup 18

’Hidden army’ of jobless means nearly ten million are unemployed – despite official figures. Why do we need immigration again?

Cops launch Paedophile Hunt. Find them and then lynch them!

Revealed: The hijab-wearing 17 year-old Muslim girl hired as a community officer. It’s stupid. I hope she doesn’t become a real police officer.

Day-old piglets killed by raiders. What exactly was the point of this?

Asylum Seeker Cheat Is Jailed. What does it take for them to be deported?

Presenting the £1bn warship that can defend London single-handedly. The government is finally doing something right.

British legion accuses Government of ‘failing its historic duty of care’ towards frontline soldiers. They are right of course.

A third of 14-year-olds fail to reach target in key subjects. Can the government do anything right?

Empathy can spark contagious yawning. That’s just weird.

UK government agency to monitor blogs. Is this good or bad?

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