Saturday, August 25, 2007

No referendum says Brown

Gordon Brown is taking hits from all sides when it comes to the EU constitution in all but name. He is defying people in his own party who actually believe that the people of this country are the ones that matter. Unfortunately Gordon couldn’t care less what the people who elected him think. Hopefully the unions won’t just put pressure on him. Hopefully they will actually act by staging a general strike to force Gordon Brown to surrender to the will of the people. He won’t do it without being forced because he knows that we would tell the EU to piss off just like Texas did when the EU tried to stop the death penalty there.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes the EU has some good ideas like a European wide sex offender’s register. We wouldn’t need one if we could stop EU nationals from coming into this country. We don’t actually need anything from the EU because we can do everything ourself. Decentralisation is always the best option.

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