Sunday, August 12, 2007

News roundup 15

81% want vote on EU treaty. We still won’t get one.

France ‘seeks control’ of EU central bank. What a surprise.

£63bn wiped off UK shares as fears of a recession grow. Uh oh.

Workers suffering from ‘email stress’. WTF?

ID cards ‘could be a Big Brother tax trap’. So we pay for the privilege of them being able to tax us.

170 gangs on streets of London. London is a crap place.

Police rack up £900 a day in parking tickets and speeding fines. Shouldn’t they be paying the public the money?

Ex-policewoman wins cash for thumb injury that ended career. Soldiers don’t even get half this much for losing a leg!

£100 fee blunder over Freedom of information papers. I hope they pay them back.

MPs’ pensions four times the average. It’s about time they paid us back.

Taxpayers foot bill for Ed Balls ‘junket’. Can we get our money back?

Private payments for public pensions. Why can’t they pay for their own?

Graffiti kids get £400k clean start. Giving them lessons in graffiti must be a great idea…

African virus to heap more misery on British farmers. I’m beginning to think Brown is bad luck – terrorism, floods, disease and possibly more disease.

Fury over woman’s pole dancing lessons for girls aged nine. Why would you do that?

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