Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who do they think they are?

Who do our elected representatives think they are? They think they have an automatic right to our money. Despite earning more than £130,000 a year he spent £3,000 on legal advice at taxpayers’ expense. He then spent £17,000 on trying to keep MPs travel expenses secret. He failed at this and it was revealed that the average MP claims £7,763 on taxi fair.

£17,000 is small potatoes compared to what John Prescott squandered. He spent £500,000 on travel and hospitality even when he was stripped of his responsibilities. It even includes £15,000 for a farewell tour around the world. This man was an insignificant nobody on the world stage. Who exactly cared whether he was leaving? No one besides people in this country!

Why can’t these people spend their own money? They earn enough and they tax this country too much. It’s time we said enough and ejected these Champaign socialists from the House of Commons and made MPs give receipts for all claims for money so we know what they are spending it on and why.

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