Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shock over 'violent GCSE essays'

Examiners have raised concerns over the "sickeningly violent" content in English GCSEs.

The latest examiners report on GCSE English from the Edexcel board found one of the most frequently used titles for creative writing course work was "The Assassin".

The report said the title "facilitated candidates to write in their own voice but within a very limiting framework, which allowed them to create and maintain a sometimes sickeningly violent atmosphere but provided few opportunities for character or plot development".

Ian McNeilly, from the National Association for the Teaching of English, said that teachers should be concerned when they come across examples of extremely violent writing.

Is this really as bad as it sounds or is violent writing a type of outlet for their violence like boxing is? Could this actually be reducing gang violence, doing nothing or increasing gang violence?

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