Saturday, August 18, 2007

More multicultural propoganda

The multicultists seem to be forcing multiculturalism down our throats more lately. It is of course mostly in an attempt to appease the Muslims before they start anything but it isn’t just about the Muslims. Oxo has got in on it and decided that they are going to bring back the Oxo family advert for the 21st century meaning the family will be a multicultural one. Oh goody. I can’t wait…

Now, back to the good old Muslims. Hospital staff in Scotland have been told to eat away from their desks to avoid offending Muslims during Ramadan.

ITV has decided to appease the Muslims too, with a documentary about Jesus not actually being the son of God but being a prophet of Allah. I don’t think ITV would dare create a documentary claiming Muhammed was not the last prophet but there ya go. Multiculturalism and Islam in particular is being forced down the throats of people who are sick of it but this will continue for a long time.

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