Friday, August 31, 2007

EU to destroy restaurant sector

If Gordon Brown is serious about cutting red tape then he has just been dealt a serious blow by the European Union. They want to force restaurant owners to include warning labels on their menus listing the full contents of all their dishes. Any restaurant that has secret ingredients in food like their source won’t be too happy especially now that the EU now wants all waiters to know all ingredients in every meal. In the end you will probably need an A Level just to be a waiter and we will end up with waiters getting about £10 per hour and destroying the restaurant sector.

EU guidelines, due to be published this year, could also lead to a ban on sales of home-made jam and cakes.

Amateur cooks will be barred from baking for village fetes unless their produce is marked with a detailed contents sticker instead of just the date on which it was made.

Why are we in the EU? It costs us £114,000 a minute and we get stupid laws like this. It’s only going to get worse when they get their way with the new constitution but atleast we have a few MPs standing up for us including the former Europe minister Keith Vaz.

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