Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News roundup 26

Gang kills man with learning difficulties. Shoot them!

Police overtime bill tops £1 billion. They are still completely useless.

Lawrence murderer gets new home and identity – while taxpayers foot the bill. He should get nothing.

Crime replaces health as main worry for voters. It shouldn’t. Both are appalling.

Yobs trash park set up to honour Iraq war victim. Lynch them!

Hospital closures and cuts ‘will cost lives’. Labour won’t care.

Blears’ backyard dodges maternity unit cut. Labour always look after their own.

Our boys deserve better than this: Families demand a dedicated military hospital. Doesn’t matter. They won’t get it.

Britain’s EU treaty opt-outs ‘humiliating’. Then let us leave.

Fire brigade cuts hits rural areas hardest. Labour don’t exactly like rural people.

Brown hit by new sleaze row over Labour funds. Labour are always in the pocket of the worst type of people. This will never change.

Public opposed to green tax hikes. Labour doesn’t care what the public thinks though.

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