Monday, August 20, 2007

Gordon Brown exposed as a liar

Just over 3 weeks ago Gordon Brown pledged to kick out 4,000 foreign criminals. I said that he was lying because the Human Rights Act would not let him. It appears I was correct. Learco Chindamo who is a murderer looks set to be allowed to stay in this country after he killed head teacher Philip Lawrence. Apparently deporting him would deprive him of his right to family life but he wasn’t thinking of the family life of Philip Lawrence when he stabbed him to death. Gordon Brown has been exposed as a liar and a fraud.

Learco Chindamo isn’t the only dangerous foreigner that won’t be deported on Human Rights grounds. Hani al-Sibai who is a failed asylum seeker and terror suspect cannot be deported back to Egypt because human rights laws state that we can’t send him back to a country where he could be executed or tortured.

If you want this country to be safe, if you want convicted foreign criminals and terrorists to be deported then you should never trust Labour. They cannot be trusted with the safety of this country. They cannot be trusted to use common sense either.


L'éminence grise said...

So can the Ynglysshe types here tell me if the use of the Newspeak term "head teacher" in the British press means the same thing as the English word "headmaster"?

I'm confused by this, but the dogged determination with which the term is used and the complete absense of the Ynglysshe word "headmaster" makes me think that "head teacher" is one of those little words I have to add to my list of NeverUse. Like "spokesperson".

youdontknowme said...

Head teacher and headmaster is the same thing