Friday, August 10, 2007

News roundup 13

Mother gives birth to giant baby weighing more than stone. That must have been painful.

Elderly parents of cancer sufferer forced to sell home to fund treatment. They wouldn’t need to if they lived in Scotland.

Foreign doctors ‘twice as likely to face disciplinary hearings’. And they think it’s racism

New UK visa rules halt Palestinian youth football tour. Not really a football team.

90,000 migrants don’t use English when they take their driving test. I think it’s about time to change that.

’obsession with tests is ruining education, ‘ says exams watchdog. I think it’s just Labour ruining education.

Congolese student begins legal action against ‘Tintin in the Congo. Bloody idiot!

BNP breaching Facebook terms, say campaigners. What a surprise.

Troops defy MoD gag order. I should hope so

Cop rapped for careless driving. Atleast he never got any serious punishment.

Boys kick baby hedgehog to death. Hang the bastards!

’Duck treated better than flood victims. Why does it take 3 fire engines and 18 crew to rescue a duck?

Russian bombers play wargames with US. Something should be done with Russia.

Denmark enters race to stake claim on Artic. Will there be a war over this?

Tehran accuses Britain of digging spying tunnel. How likely are we to dig a tunnel so our embassy staff can smuggle in prostitutes?

The extraordinary moment a herd of buffalo fought back against a pack of lions… and a crocodile. Wow

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