Monday, August 20, 2007

What has Labour done to stop crime?

The government seem to be doing very little to stop crime. Infact the punishments that they give out seem to encourage it. About a week ago I blogged about Eastern Europeans plundering our fish stocks. You might have thought that if they were caught they would get a fine at the very least. No such luck I’m afraid. When an Eastern European was caught they were given a caution for poaching £1000 worth of fish and told to get on their way.

It’s not just poaching that you get a slap on the wrist for. Smoking cannabis in front of your children won’t even get you a fine. You will be just told not to do it again. I bet that’s going to stop them from doing it again and dissuading their children from starting.

What exactly have Labour done to stop crime? What about policed community support officers? No luck there. On average they are able to solve crime once every 6 years and in some parts of the country they can’t even solve one crime.


alanorei said...

This is a useful article:

Unfortunately, Hitchens hates the BNP, so he won't support its policies against crime. He wants someone to build another political party that "cares about us."

Also unfortunately, the BBC reports that the killer of headmaster Philip Lawrence may well be out next year and won't be deported.

youdontknowme said...

Thanks for the link. I read it and agree with everything.