Sunday, August 12, 2007

Conservative policies

The Conservatives seem to have some good policies this week. Unfortunately their policies are second best to the BNP. When it comes to the forced marriages they have said that they are going to create a special register to prevent unwanted husbands from entering the country.

Under the scheme, women who want to marry abroad would have to register their plans - and provide details of their fiance - before leaving Britain. This would prevent an unsuspecting woman being taken abroad for a 'holiday', only to find that she was expected to marry a stranger, who would then be able to accompany her back to Britain.

The Labour party won’t be able to criticise this policy and they will probably hope no one mentions it much seeing as they shelved plans last year to make forced marriages illegal.

The BNP policy of stopping immigration altogether would immediately prevent forced marriages to foreign husbands. The only way it could happen would be if they actually left the country and stayed abroad but that is unlikely to happen.

The other Conservative idea that I like is that they want to cut red tape for businesses. Gordon Brown promised this and I pointed out that they couldn’t do it without leaving the EU however the Conservative policy involves getting out of specific EU laws. However the only way they could do that is by leaving the EU but the John Redwood, the MP who came up with the policy is a euro-sceptic so he might be banking on it.

The policy is basically second best to the BNP one, where we would get out of the Union at the first chance given to us.

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