Monday, August 13, 2007

War on terror not going too well

The war on terror isn’t going too well for us. It’s particularly bad in
Afghanistan as our troops are being killed at such a rate that, were it to continue, one in 36 would not survive a six-month tour of the country. These troops also face the possibility that while they are on tour their pay will be docked which is an efficient way of destroying morale amongst troops especially when some weren’t paid for weeks.

The war on terror is being further hampered by an exodus of officers from the Intelligence Corps, with 20 per cent departing in the past three years. Is it any wonder they are leaving in droves when we treat our troops worse than something we find on the bottom of our shoe? The exodus of experienced officers has meant that inexperienced officers are handling things they should not be handling which is damaging the fight against terror.

The government is of course the one to blame as they are treating our soldiers badly. The only way to keep the experienced officers is to pay them a decent wage and handle things the way that they think they should be handled as they have the experience so they know how it should be handled.

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