Thursday, August 09, 2007

News roundup 12

Dithering over NHS drugs could leave 10,000 blind. The Scottish people won’t be left blind though

BBC may scrap a TV channel in £2bn cuts. I don’t think we will get a discount in the license fee though.

Thirteen ‘illegal immigrants’ scouts go missing at world jamboree in Essex. What a surprise.

Police foil Notting Hill Carnival gang war plot. Well it is supposed to celebrate black culture.

Drink-drive probation officer escapes jail after she is caught over limit twice. She should have known better.

Water company loses 150 bowsers. They should have put GPS trackers on them…

Postcard is branded as racist. Fucking stupid.

’Goodwill’ trio crossed Channel on a raft. Bloody idiots…

Violent protest erupts over ‘anti-Islamic book. I think they just look for a reason to riot.

CSA accused of rewarding mums who deny child access to fathers. Why should they get anything if fathers can’t see their children?

Anti-slavery group hail Mauritania breakthrough. It’s about time.

Iraq needs a dictator, says US group. They are probably right.

Under-fire Speaker hires top libel firm at public expense. Who does he think he is?

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