Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another stupid EU directive

The European Union seems to be poking their noses in a lot of places where they are not wanted lately. According to Directive 2001/84/EC from the EU every time a piece of art is sold the artist must get a royalty. Why is this law? You don’t see this happening in other industries. Why aren’t builders given a royalty every time a house is sold? Why aren’t car manufacturers given a royalty every time someone buys their car from an individual? I could go on forever naming other industries but I won’t. I think you understand that this is stupid.

You would think with these stupid ideas our government would want to hand over less power. Not so I am afraid. Our foreign secretary David Milliband wants our army to be part of an EU army. We already know that he is a traitor but this goes far beyond treason. He doesn’t want our country to control our own military. He wants it to be controlled by a foreign government. Can we call ourselves independent when that happens?

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