Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The real reason behind eco towns

Eco towns will be built regardless of whether local communities want them. They aren’t being built because they are environmentally friendly or offer sustainable living. Most of the new towns will leave residents’ car dependent and most are not even within walking distance of a train station. Eco towns have never been about sustainable living. They are about something completely different.

Labour knows that soon they will be out of the job unless they do something. Immigrants need homes and these homes are being built to accommodate them. These new immigrants are going to owe their places in this country to Labour and they will know that so will vote accordingly which is why Labour are going to force the proposals through before the Conservatives can even attempt to stop them. The government can’t have anyone wrecking their plans. They want this to happen so badly that they are going to sell Ministry of Defence land for the ecotowns to be built on. To ever have a chance of getting in power again they have to import more voters. It’s the only way and they know this.

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