Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Billions wasted in disability benefits

Disability benefits
are costing taxpayers an extra £3.1billion a year under Labour - and a major factor is a massive rise in the number of claimants who are drug addicts and alcoholics, according to newly released documents.

Over the past ten years, the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) budget has soared from £5.7billion to £8.8billion a year - enough to build 20 new 'super hospitals'.

And papers released under the Freedom of Information Act disclose that the number of drug addicts and alcoholics claiming the £60-a-week payment has risen five-fold, from 3,000 in 1997 to almost 17,000 last year.

Why are we giving these people more money which will just go towards feeding their addiction? Being an addict is NOT a disability. It is of your own doing. Anyone claiming to be an addict should be given help whether they want that help or not.

Giving these people any money is almost as bad as giving Abu Qatada £8,000 in incapacity benefit every year. This man and his family should get nothing. His household income will now be over £50,000 and most of this is proably because he won’t stop breeding.

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