Monday, July 07, 2008

EU rules mean 400 Britons go without liver

Thanks to EU rules European Union citizens can come to this country and get healthcare. While 400 britons could have a new liver now they don’t. Instead Greek and Cypriot patients have them.

If you are on the waiting for a liver and you are probably going to wait years you know who to blame. If you want to get treated as soon as possible you should dump Labour and the EU.


Anonymous said...

what a load of bollocks this story is. on the day the eu is demanding mobile phone companies to more than half their roaming text rates for tourists in europe.

yer cock.

Anonymous said...

" know who to blame..."

Yep, I do indeed: greedy surgeons.

Or in this case it seems one specific greedy surgeon: Professor Nigel Heaton.

Trying to shift the blame onto Greek and Cypriot patients (or the EU) is ultra lame, even for a BNP member!

If you were dying of organ failure and could afford to get the treatment in another country, then you would, wouldn't you Wayne? Don't even try to deny it for a second!! Under those circumstances, who wouldn't?

So why the double standards? Could it possibly be because fascism is an utter load of bollocks followed by absolute morons... just maybe? (You never know, perhaps under EU regulations you might be able to travel to Greece for a brain transplant!)

Don't even get me started on the Daily Mail! The only British newspaper to openly support the Nazis at the start of WW2!? How British of them! Yeah, they really loved sucking up to Hitler, didn't they! (Lucky for them, they have a short memory and just the same sort of double standards as all fascist wingnut wankers do.)

That the Daily Mail is still going to this day is a dishonour to all our dead ancestors who died in the war.

If you read that bile-filled shit, it's no wonder your head is full of negativity and gloom (not to mention utter bollocks) about the world.

Here's an idea: stop reading newspapers written by hypocritical ex-Nazi supporters, turn off the computer, go outside, enjoy your life and maybe just maybe you'll make a few friends along the way.

You'll find most people out there won't judge you on something as unimportant as where you just randomly happen to have been born. Maybe you can learn something from that (though I'm not holding my breath).

Oh, and by the way, no mentions of the entire BNP member list being online? That's a laugh, isn't it! Seems the BNP aren't even fit to run their own political party, let alone the country. (They should probably look for a new accountant too... LOL!)

I'm not surprised you haven't talked about it. There's a Wayne from Cleveland on there, who happens to be a BNP activist. How sad!

Now, being young and easily influenced, I could understand someone like you getting caught up in fascism by mistake, and maybe voting for those tossers.

But being a BNP activist? Bet that impresses the ladies... NOT!

Nobody likes a racist cunt - and that's what you are. Please get a fucking life!

Luckily, the BNP are destined to be nothing more than a laughing stock. I love watching you all tearing yourselves apart - it's fucking hilarious!

The only thing the BNP are ever likely to win is a competition to find the biggest bunch of absolute tossers!

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It's a good thing if you can get healthcare in that country!