Monday, July 07, 2008

2823 laws in one year

Gordon Brown has entered the record books by introducing 2,823 new laws during his first year in office.

Gordon Brown has introduced 2,823 laws during his first year in office, the highest rate for new legislation by anyone at No 10. He set his record despite repeated promises to cut red tape.

If Parliament never had any days off and worked every single day this would mean that they pass about 8 new laws per day. It is obvious that even if this was the case no MP could read every single new law yet they are all passed. Shouldn’t the government read these laws before they are passed so that he can actually see if they are needed?

What we need in this country is the government actually scrutinising these laws and not just passing them without reading them. We need the speed of legislation to slow so this can be achieved.


Crushed said...

More acts of Parliament were passed by Tony Blair than between the Gteat Reform act and 1914.

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