Monday, July 07, 2008

News roundup 81

NHS dentistry shake-up fails as one million fewer get treatment. Thanks Labour.

Woman took out false loans to pay for grandmother's Alzheimer's drugs the NHS denied her. I don’t think she is a criminal. It’s the equivalent of stealing bread to feed your family.

Polyclinics will damage patient care, say doctors. The government hope that it will happen.

Tory councils urged to block Labour vanity projects. I hope they do.

After years of working for free, Down's syndrome man must PAY to wash councillors' dishes. Disgraceful! They are not fit to kiss his feet!

Russian spies leaving the door open for terrorists in Britain. We should be forcing them to leave.

Push for green biofuels 'has put food prices up by massive 75%'. It’s time to stop with biofuels. They do more harm than good.

Petrol price increase will mean 'extra £34 a month for average family'. Labour just trying to price you out of buying a car.

Government asks stores to stockpile food to overcome hauliers strike. Let’s hope they go along with it.

Call for sex lessons at age four. That is far too young.

Long queues and high prices sees children shun school canteen for cheap junk food. Let them eat what they want.

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