Saturday, July 05, 2008

Making the poor even worse off

Faced with rising heating and food bills the government is planning to make elderly people even poorer. The government no longer want to be embarrassed by the elderly who can’t afford to pay council tax so they are going to take it directly from your bank account.

Now, the elderly will have to choose from eating, keeping warm and paying their council tax. It’s not really a choice because they’ll take your money to pay for the council tax so you won’t have any money for heating or eating. If you are poor (which you probably are if you can’t pay) and you don’t have the money in the bank account will that mean that you have to go into your overdraft? Does that mean that they will have to shell out more money in fines for going over their overdraft limit making them even poorer?

During the winter when you have no money to heat your home or feed yourself because your council took your money you will know who to blame. Prison would be more humane. At least there you get food and a place to keep warm.

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