Thursday, June 14, 2007

Immigration creates new crime

We can thank Eastern Europeans for one thing and that’s a new crime. Don’t ya love the diversity of our crime?

Gangs of Eastern European immigrants are costing Bradford shopkeepers tens of thousands of pounds in a sneak-in theft scam, police said today.

The raiders are thought to be travelling from as far as the Midlands to attack shops and small stores across the district where the owners live on the premises.

As many as 15 people go into the shops and distract staff while some of the gang sneak into the living quarters and ransack it, with cash and expensive jewellery the top targets.

Police are now urging shopkeepers to tighten security and be aware of the scam.

If we never had this large scale immigration we would have never had this sort of crime. We thank the Eastern Europeans for enriching us with it.

This is also my 700th blog post. Everyone celebrate! PARTY!

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