Friday, June 15, 2007

Almost 8 million economically inactive

The number of people classed as "economically inactive" in
Britain has risen to just under eight million, the highest level since records began in 1971.

Official figures show the number of economically inactive increased by 77,000 over the past three months to reach 7.95 million.

Critics said the sharp rise raised serious questions about Labour's claims that it has got unemployment under control.

These doubts were fuelled by research which claimed that the true rate of unemployment is about 2.6 million, up to three times higher than the Government's figures.

An academic study of the figures estimates there could be as many as 1.7 million "hidden unemployed" in Britain, on top of the 900,000 people who officially receive Jobseekers' Allowance each week.

In another setback for ministers, the number of young people who are out of work for more than six months shot up to 180,000, only 3,000 less than Labour inherited when it came to power in 1997.

Why exactly do we need so many immigrants when we have so many people without jobs? If they are not prepared to work to feed themselves why should society be prepared to work to feed the people who are unwilling to work?

Some people will claim that they are unable to work because they are disabled or whatever. I think those not too seriously ill should be made to do jury duty if doctors say that they are well enough which most will be because even if you are in a wheel chair and you still have a working brain you can sit on a jury. Those faking it would be found out because they would be getting small amounts of money for doing it which they won’t enjoy which will encourage them to get back to work. Those not faking it would be content with being on a jury. No one loses except for the people who want money for doing nothing.

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