Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Council bans Jolly Roger

Don’t you just hate the bureaucrats of the government? This family does after they were banned from hoisting the Jolly Roger for a pirate themed birthday party.

Councillor Richard Stevens said the council had objected to the flag because "it was unneighbourly and could open the doors for all kinds of flags".

Indeed, it would create chaos with different types of flags waving in the breeze, it may even create a pandemic of white flags, though we don’t actually live in France so I don’t quite know about that. We need flag order and not flag chaos. Foreigners could become confused at so many flags especially with all the Jolly Rogers.

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alanorei said...

The flag won't make any noise, apart from a quiet flutter if it's breezy on the day.

Why, therefore, is it 'unneighbourly'? The offended neighbour doesn't have to look at it and what evidence is there that a rash of flags will result and so what if they did?

I bet the council wouldn't dare investigate if someone complained about a flag with a white star and crescent moon on a green background.

I consider the loud music played at parties much more 'unneighbourly' - likwise fireworks.

Well done to the parents for persevering on this one, though.