Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blogpower vote day 5

It’s day 5 of the Blogpower vote and I would like to thank you all for voting for me but it seems I will not win unless a miracle happens. I am too far behind in all the votes.

In the Award for Services to blogging I have 35 votes, up from 22 votes two days ago. The leader has 107 votes

In the Most Politically Incorrect Blog category I have 35 votes, up from 18 two days ago. The leader has 118 votes.

In the Most Under-rated Blog category I have 24 votes, up from 8 two days ago. The leader has 97.

In the Best Little Blogger category I have 20 votes, up from 9 two days ago. The leader has 93

In the Best Blogpower blog I have 38 votes, up from 25. The leader has 84.

Earlier today four reindeer attempted to rescue Santa. They successfully untied him but they didn’t get far. I managed to recapture them and because I am losing the Blogpower contest I killed Santa and two of the reindeer. Two of the reindeer remain in a cage and will probably be killed at the end of the contest and eaten at a beach barbecue. The two reindeer that are left are Rudolph and Steve. Steve is an apprentice reindeer who has only been in the job a week. He looks very tasty.

Yeah I have been a naughty boy… but the only one who was making a list is now dead so it doesn’t matter.

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james higham said...

Wayne, as we've told everyone, it works on IP addresses so it's not once a day. That's why we took that off the top of the polls two days ago when we discovered it. I'm getting round to any one who is posting once a day to urge them to do it more often, you included.