Monday, June 11, 2007

Blogpower gets it wrong?

Blogpower is now allowing people to vote as often as the poll allows them. Some computers will be able to vote more often.

Day 6 of the Blogpower vote sees the link between the BNP and UK News and Politics become even more none existent. Nevertheless Blogpower think they have the case. I will now provide a bit of evidence to the contrary.

At the end of last month I had a blog of the month poll. Falkirk BNP came first while UK News and Politics came a close second while the rest didn’t even get 15 votes. Falkirk BNP called on a number of forums to vote for Falkirk BNP. One of these forums was Stormfront which is the largest white nationalist community on the internet. You can read the thread here. Among the comments were:

The vote is close, but you can vote every day until the close of polls on the 1st.

Spread the word and let's make sure the BNP beat the competition on this one.

By 14Forward

Falkirk BNP are only 3 votes behind. The reds are voting in force here. If you voted yesterday, please vote again

By 100% White and Proud

Another forum campaigning for BNP Falkirk was Lincolnshire BNP.

Now, if UK News and Politics was a BNP supporter don’t you think some of them would be supporting him?

Blogpower believe there is more than a prima facie justification that UKN&P can be asked to depart [others have put it far more graphically than that] on the grounds that:

1] He lied about his connection with the BNP;

2] He lied about his 100 votes or less, in terms of his total support and entered the competition under false pretences;

3] He is running a campaign where his supporters are clearly taking the p--s out of us all and he is doing nothing whatsoever to remonstrate with them or write disclaimers on their sites, asking for them not to endorse him.

4] He is the subject of strange voting patterns in the small hours of the morning and the circumstantial evidence above, if not proving his actions, at least highly indicate them.

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james higham said...

...Blogpower is now allowing people to vote as often as the poll allows them...

Monor correction - I'm sure you'd wish to be accurate, Wayne. It was always the case - nothing's changed. check the first post on the voting.

It's jsut that no one bothered to read my words.