Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nominate now!

Blogpower blog awards still need nominations for their awards. If you would like to nominate blogs for the 20 different categories please do so before it closes and the polls begin. You can even nominate your own blog.

Here are my nominations. I have not nominated for all categories:

Best britblog or column:

Best ranter:

Best political blog:

Best little blogger:

Most under rated blog:

Most over rated blog:

Most politically incorrect blog:

Before my BNP 'comrades' (is there a better word?) question why I have not nominated blogs like BNP Falkirk or Aberdeen because I feel that the blog awards should be just about bloggers and not about community politics. I also feel that it may cause arguments in the awards with people boycotting them. I know it’s childish but I want it to go ahead without any arguments. That doesn’t stop anyone else from nominating these blogs. I have nominated blogs with authors that support the BNP though

Some of those blogs that I have listed have not been nominated yet and the person in charge of the awards says that the blogs have to be nominated more than once for the blogs to be included. If you agree with my nominations make sure you nominate them.

I have been nominated for an award. I am in the category of Most unintentionally humorous post for my post on the VC hero being refused entry (before he was allowed in). Apparently it's humorous because I support the BNP so we can’t possibly want heroes to be allowed into this country especially if they are not already citizens.


thebestnewsfirst said...

Thanks for the nominations! I actually nominated you for Best Blogpower blog and services to blogging. Good Luck!!

UK News and Politics

youdontknowme said...

Thanks. The last award I thought I would be nominated for would be services to blogging.