Saturday, June 30, 2007

More terror attacks coming soon (part 2?)

MORE than 1,600 terrorist suspects are currently under surveillance by MI5, who believe there are 200 networks and 30 plots.

It looks like they are recycling news yet again. I blogged about this in November and it is the exact same news story. You would expect the numbers to go up or down a bit. Afterall the number of terror suspects stood at 1500 the month before.

I’m getting slightly suspicious.

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alanorei said...

On July 2 2005, there was a big 'gay parade' in London.

5 days later, the bombers killed 52 commuters.

But the security forces foiled an attempt to flood the Underground by the breaching of the bed of the Thames.

Another 'gay parade' has taken place today, almost exactly 2 years to the day from the last one.

With 2 car bomb attempts having been forestalled on Friday, I wonder what will happen next, whether or not we've run out of Providential mercy.

I would guess that breaching the bed of the Thames is still on the Mozzie agenda.