Sunday, October 22, 2006

Al-Qaeda winning battle of ideas with Brit Muslims

John Reid has issued a dire warning that the Government risks losing the "battle of ideas" with al-Qaeda.

The Home Secretary spoke out at an emergency meeting of ministers and security officials amid an ever-growing threat from home-grown Islamist terror groups.

Ministers have told The Sunday Telegraph that 30 terror plots are being investigated and that 1,500 young Muslims — many more than previously estimated — are suspects.

This comes just days after it was reported that Britain is now the top target for Al-Qaeda.

If we aren’t winning the battle of ideas why are we letting even more Muslims into this country? Why not win the battle of the boarders by not allowing anyone else in and deported all those suspects that were not born in this country?

30 terror plots is a lot more than I expected there would be and what is scary is that our security services probably don’t know about all of them.

If anything happens we know who to blame, Blair is the man whose reckless policies allowed this to happen. He should be punished just like all the terrorists should.

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