Saturday, October 21, 2006

99% want veil banned

It looks like people think like me. Ever since I started this blog I have called for the banning of the veil and burqua. A Daily Express poll which was responded to in “massive numbers” shows that 99% want the veil banned.

People are finally seeing the light and are realising that people like Mrs Azmi are taking the piss and are trying to take us for all we are worth.

She has already lost her case but has vowed to fight on funded by taxpayers’ money which could eventually cost as much as £250,000 and she will probably win if it goes to a European Court.

If she was really so concerned about her veil why didn’t she wear it during an interview with a male governor? All she wanted was attention, money and to bleed the ‘kaffir’ taxpayers.

(Hat tip A New Dark Age Is Dawning)


alanorei said...

Excellent articles, thanks.

Re: blog page. The problem must be with my server.

Anonymous said...

Here in Switzerland we did not have auch problems (yet).

Also I do not know of any schools where teachers wear a scarf.

I am also glad, that people want the veil banned. Even many muslims do not agree on it.

When I saw here on a video, I almost had to laugh. Sorry, but reminds me of the ninjas in Police Academy 4 ;)

Have a nice day

youdontknowme said...

this blog was on a video?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was my English ;)

When I saw HER (Azmi) on a video.
There are several vids on YouTube.