Monday, October 16, 2006

Could we beat North Korea with Blair?

Plans to impose a blockade of North Korea to prevent the regime acquiring nuclear weapons were thrown in disarray last night.

China said it would oppose attempts to inspect suspect vessels and Royal Navy commanders said Britain was unable to make a significant military commitment to the proposed United Nations naval task force.

Senior Royal Navy officers last night cast serious doubt over Britain's ability to make a significant naval contribution to the proposed UN force, claiming that drastic cuts in government spending on the navy over the past decade had severely reduced their ability to participate in major foreign operations.

"I am staggered that the Government is trying to make this commitment when it knows what our Armed Forces are going through," a senior Royal Navy officer last night told The Daily Telegraph.

Defence experts predicted that the most the Royal Navy could contribute was a single frigate, a Royal Fleet auxiliary support vessel and a Trafalgar class hunter killer submarine.

Thanks to Blair we can’t even take on the ever so mighty North Korea. We are a complete joke to the world including North Korea who would probably outgun us.

Labour has never cared about the armed forced and the fact that they have cut the navy by a third since coming to power shows this.

If we want to be part of the ‘first world’ then we must get rid of Blair and the rest of the criminal gang of traitors and build and navy that will be the envy of the world – including third world cesspits like North Korea.

It’s not that I want Britain to go into North Korea. I don’t. Our military is already over stretched but Blair couldn’t care less about our military. He couldn’t care less if they all died fighting a foreign country for a foreign cause.

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